Do I need travel insurance?

If you wish to receive medical treatment in Turkey by choosing a hospital using us as an intermediary, you must take out a travel insurance policy if the health insurance system of your country of origin does not cover travel accidents. All In Medical shall not be responsible for any pecuniary loss and intangible damages to occur during your travel. Please make sure that you have purchased travel insurance before you come to Turkey, because travel insurance is rendered mandatory to protect your health during your travel.

Do I need medical insurance?

If you wish to receive medical treatment in Turkey and have medical insurance in your home country, All In Medical can provide you with a pro forma invoice to enable you to obtain information regarding medical insurance payment in your home country.

How do I travel to the hospital from the airport?

Provided that you aforetime notify us about your travel arrangements, we shall greet you at the airport of arrival and transport to the hotel/hospital.

What is the hospital check-in process?

Once you are transported to the hospital, all matters regarding the hospitalization shall be explained including the introduction of the medical institution; this service is included in the All In Medical service package.

What should I bring with me to the hospital?

Clothing: You should wear comfortable, casual clothes while at the medical institution. We suggest you bring a few changes of machine-washable day and night wear, including underwear, socks, shoes, bathrobe and slippers. Patients should mark all pieces of clothing, as well as such items as eyeglasses, contacts and canes. Personal Belongings: The medical institutions are not responsible for personal items, including eyeglasses and dentures. You are advised to leave valuables, including jewelry, at home. Cameras are not allowed on the units, including those in cell phones and watches. Personal Care Items: You may bring the following items, if appropriate: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, soap container, hair dryer, electric shaver, hairbrush, comb, eyeglasses, contact-lens care material and deodorant.

Who will be on my treatment team while I am hospitalized?

Medical and professional staff: Doctors, surgeons and other specialists Registered nurses: Professional registered nurses are available and responsible for providing your nursing care. All In Medical representatives are available via telephone 24/7.

What are the requirements for companionship?

Each medical institution has its own policy regarding visiting hours and companionship. However, Turkish medical institutions and organizations strictly comply with patient rights. For further information regarding companionship arrangements please contact Minimal Group representatives via telephone or email.

Are telephones available for patient use?

Public telephones are located at various locations throughout the medical institutions. International calls can be made using phone cards, purchasable at the post offices and relevant kiosks. Minimal Group can make arrangements for temporal GSM services, if necessary.

Is smoking permitted in Turkish medical institutions?

In Turkey, smoking indoors is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Smoking on medical institution premises (including outdoor area of the hospital) is not allowed.

What is the hospital check-out process?

Once you treatment is complete, additional treatment costs, if any, shall be paid by you to the hospital provided that relevant documentation is available.

How do I travel from the hospital to the airport?

All In Medical shall transport you to the airport of departure; this service is included in the Minimal Group service package

What should I do if I experience any health problems related to my treatment after I return to my home country?

If you experience any health problems regarding your treatment in Turkey, please contact Minimal Group representatives in order to obtain information from your physician/hospital in Turkey. In case of emergency, please contact your local physician and/or hospital. As a company policy, Minimal Group personnel shall contact and interview you within the first week and the first and the third months after you return to your home country.