Health Tourism In Turkiye


Medical tourism, which is a subtitle of health tourism, means travelling to foreign countries for medical treatment. The most important reasons for people to go abroad are the increase in the costs of health services and the difficulty in payment, especially in services that are paid out of pocket, the demands for receiving the services in a shorter time, and the desire to receive services in a higher quality centers.

The demand for medical tourism is increasing with the improvement of transportation facilities, the development of communication technologies, and ease of travelling abroad. Considering that chronic diseases will increase health expenditures due to the aging world population, it is predicted that the importance of medical tourism will increase in the coming years. Turkey is the 6th most visited country in the world with almost 40 million visitors per year.
Turkey, which has made significant breakthrough in tourism over the years and has improved its tourism capacity and quality every year, has an international reputation in terms of hotel management. Turkey, which is preferred by millions of tourists every year with its hospitable, warm, quality service and world-class facilities, is the new favorite of health tourism after tourism with its domestic and international investments in hospitality and health.

In a worldwide comparison, Turkey ranks first with 51 JCI accredited hospitals. With over 1200 public and private hospitals, a wide network is offered to patients. 300 of the organizations providing private health services are in close relationship with international health centers
These strong connections include centers such as Harvard Medical International, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and New York Presbyterian. Significant achievements in the fields of organ transplantation, genetic testing, neurosurgery, ophthalmology (the world’s largest network of eye clinics is located in Istanbul), cardiology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and dentistry


Turkey is among the top seven countries in the world in terms of geothermal resources, ranking first in Europe in terms of resource potential and third in terms of spa applications.

Efforts are being made to develop a different understanding and approach from the traditional use of thermal springs in order to make more effective and efficient use of geothermal resources, which are natural and renewable in our country.

In order to develop thermal tourism, it is aimed to increase the number of qualified facilities with international standards, which include facilities that provide cure parks, cure centers and accommodation integration, as well as tourism income and the number of tourists.  


Third Age

It is observed that average life expectancy has increased all over the world as a result of improvements in health and social life due to technological and economic developments that gained great momentum especially in the 19th and 20th centuries.

In parallel with this increase, changes that can be called “demographic shift” or “demographic earthquake” have emerged in the population structures of countries. Our guests coming to our country within the scope of advanced age tourism benefit from sightseeing tours and occupational therapies as well as rehabilitation services in nursing homes.
Special care for the disabled is also provided in clinical hotels and rehabilitation centers. Due to the importance of the issue, the United Nations organized the World Assembly on Ageing, the first of which was held in Vienna in 1982 and the second in Madrid in 2002, and recommended that all member states of the UN implement the necessary measures against this gray hair influx.

According to the data of United Nations and the World Ageing Organization, the number of individuals aged 65 and over , which is currently around 600 million, is predicted to reach 2 billion by 2050. This increase is not only limited to developed countries such as European countries and the United States of America (which are currently in shock), but it has also reached significant rates in countries that are in transition or are about to complete the transition period, especially in Turkey.

There are Geriatric Care Centers at various points in our country and many facilities where disabled people can easily stay and receive treatment. Please contact us for information about these facilities.