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Turkiye is a country with large investments in terms of tourism. World-renowned chain hotels, boutique hotels and many different options aim to offer guests an unforgettable vacation in the natural beauty of Turkey.

With more than 190 direct destinations, Turkish Airlines enables us to explore all the world from Asia to America, Europe to the Far East. Turkish Airlines possesses one of the world’s youngest and most modern fleets with 372 aircraft.
Located between the continents of Asia and Europe, transportation to Turkey is very easy and affordable. Turkey is geographically located on a region dominating the Middle East and Europe. For this reason, Turkey is a kind of meeting point for tourists coming from both East and West.

It is possible to reach from Turkiye to all the surrounding regions with 2 or 3 hours of flight. For this reason, our flag carrier company, Turkish Airlines has daily flights to and from not only neighbouring countries but also distant countries.
With its expanding fleet, Turkish Airlines has become one of the well-known airlines in the world in recent years. In terms of quality and standardization, it has surpassed many of its substitutes in the world. In the field of health tourism, such a large fleet responds to the immediate need and accelerates the rate of patient flow. This provides great benefits to the health tourism infrastructure of our country